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Ambassador Andrew J. Young’s vision, values and virtues continue to inspire leaders around the globe to work toward a global community of peace, prosperity and inclusion. Through the programs of the Andrew J. Young Foundation, the Ambassador’s legacy and example are being applied to on-going projects.


Duckweed Project to Assist Rural Farmers

By working with the US Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, the Foundation is developing a program to empower small farmers by providing them technical knowledge on growing Duckweed as a cash crop and integrating it with aquaponics farming system by growing shrimp beneath Duckweed. The Foundation will recruit, organize, and train farmers from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and Arkansas to grow Duckweed that could be used as a fodder for animals and fish, and as a soil builder. The farmers will be able to increase their productivity while reducing their physical labor requirements.


Learn, Eat Healthy, and Earn — Aquaponics

The Foundation has launched a pilot aquaponics project with the Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA – Learn, Eat Healthy, and Earn.  In the program students learn to grow vegetables and fruits in an Aquaponic environment with fish.  Recently, representatives of YMCA staff members and students attended training classes in San Marcos, Texas.

A pilot operation, which includes growing duckweed, will be fully functional at the Y soon.  The duckweed will be used to feed the fish and fertilize the vegetables and fruits.  A skeleton operation is now available.

In the next phase of the pilot, students will learn to cook and eat healthy foods. The fish, vegetables, and fruits will be utilized by the institution. And, in phase three they will learn business skills so that they can market the crops.

When the pilot program is completed, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Community Colleges, and Land Grant Colleges will be involved in the program. Potential funders have expressed interest in seeing the Foundation implement the program throughout the South.


Andrew J. and Walter Young YMCA: Get Ready to Achieve Dreams (GRAD)

The Foundation supports the GRAD program, which prepares students for the college experience.  Advisors and mentors help them navigate the college admissions processes. The program also identifies and provides tuition and personal financial resources making what many of these young people thought was an impossible dream possible.  Thirty students are currently pursuing their college degrees through the support received from the Andrew J. Young Foundation.


Jean Childs Young Middle School

As a Jean Childs Young Middle School partner, the Foundation has an on-going commitment: to work with the school by providing support and resources for some of its projects; to assist them in finding resources for innovative programing and; to work with the Parent Liaison to increase parental participation.


The Andrew Young Leadership Forum Series

In partnership with the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership and the Leadership Studies Program at Morehouse College, the Foundation hosts a series of forums and talks focused on current and trending social issues related to the core mission of the Foundation. The events, which are similar to TED talks, are moderated by national journalists with presentations by a diverse and intergenerational group of next generation leaders. The series is live-streamed and archived for historical preservation.


Vitamin, Mineral, Protein Program (VMP)

The Foundation initiates and facilitates public-private partnerships on health, nutrition, education, and economic growth issues around the world.  Last year, The Foundation facilitated the necessary processes and agreements with Haitian and African governments, The World Food Programme, USAID and other international relief agencies to distribute VMP+3 gel sticks, a fruit based nutritional product that provides the daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, protein and micronutrients critical to the development of children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.  As a result, hundreds of thousands of children in famine-challenged and war–torn communities will receive the nutrition they need to grow up.


The International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB)

IUGB provides internationally recognized, American-style English-language higher-education in fields critical to West African development. Created less than a decade ago by presidential charter, IUGB initially partnered with five US universities to provide the final two years of a four-year degree. IUGB has now transitioned to providing a full four-year degree and is preparing to launch graduate programs. The Foundation assists IUGB in these efforts by connecting the University to valued US resources and facilitating the development of appropriate policies.

IUGB contributes to sustainable development in West Africa by providing students access to a world-class education and diminishing the impact of the “drain brain.” The Foundation has facilitated public and private support for the school from the government of the Ivory Coast, the private sector, and the international donor community.

The Foundation has also fostered a partnership between IUGB and Georgia State University that allows students to receive an internationally recognized degree and access to recruiting. The Foundation is assisting IUGB in its search for additional funding for scholarship aid for young women in STEM, as well as for the design and construction of new STEM building and labs.


Andrew Young Global Institute of Vallejo

The Andrew Young Global Institute of Vallejo-Serving the North Bay Area (AYGIV) is aligned with community-articulated needs, Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano identified strategies & the values espoused by Solano Community College District in supporting education/job creation. In particular, our goal is to develop community-inclusive partnerships that enable local post-secondary institutions, youth-serving organizations and other stakeholders to increase their capacity to provide engaging and market-relevant programs that support 15-to-25-year-olds to earn high school diplomas, enter and graduate college, or fill and create high-growth jobs.


Mobile Harbor

U.S. ports are expected to spend $46 billion in port improvements by 2017 whereas there is no guarantee that mega ships will call on these ports. Mobile Harbor (MH) offers a promising solution in lieu of conventional thinking of increasing size of the harbor or dredging or raising bridges. Equipped with “automatic docking system” and “stabilized crane”, a Mobile Harbor can be built 20-30 miles out in the ocean and can attach to any mega container size vessel and offload it onto smaller ships/barges or the buffer area. It can simultaneously call on 1 to 6 mega ships and can cater to the existing ports (more than one) as a hub and spoke assembly thereby creating jobs and keeping the existing US ports pertinent. MH would also allow off shore custom inspections thereby negating terrorist attacks through the sea, keep the coastal marine ecosystem intact, and would provide good support system to the Coast Guards for open sea rescue operations. The Foundation is supporting the research of the Mobile Harbor alternative and engaging other countries around the world.


Universal ID

A number of federal support programs like SNAP, Medicare, etc. intended for the poor do not reach them because of lack of verification of identity. Verification is a challenge for the verifying official because of many factors including lack of address, supporting documents, legal status, and communication issues, among others. So, there is a strong need of a universal and unique identification card/number whose sole purpose would be to verify the identification of the person trying to avail any benefits by the government or other associated financial and non-financial services, without any fear of loss of identity and privacy.

Andrew Young Foundation is working to bring the successful UID program in India to the US to (a) financially empower the least of the underprivileged, (b) bring transparency in the federal spending for social welfare programs, (c) provide security to all the citizens since it cannot be stolen or replicated, (d) include the excluded for inclusive growth of the economy, and (e) break the vicious cycle of poverty by giving a financial address to every person on U.S. soil.  The Foundation is supporting the research of the Universal ID alternative and engaging the latest technologies of Silicon Valley experts.

Andrew J. Young Foundation

The Andrew J. Young Foundation continues the vision, values and virtues of Ambassador Andrew Young that have moved this nation to higher ground.

The Foundation has kept this concept alive by creating vehicles, partnerships and opportunities for conveying Andrew Young’s knowledge and life experiences with the world.

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