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October 20, 2014 – Planning for Vallejo’s Future Prosperity

October 20, 2014 – Planning for Vallejo’s Future Prosperity graphic


Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis and Dr. Ramona Bishop, Superintendent, Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD) hosted Andrew Young , Andrea Young, and Dr. Melvenia Turner King during a private breakfast meeting on October 20, 2014 to introduce the planning phase of a 10-year initiative focused on preparing Vallejo’s young people for job opportunities in the local and global marketplace. Fortifying job creation and economic growth in Vallejo, California for future generations is the initiative’s overall goal.

The gathering convened more than 100 business, education and community leaders and stakeholders to discuss how empowering the community’s youth will be a key strategy in planning Vallejo’s economic development and future prosperity.

As a result of the Foundations efforts, the city will open the Andrew Young Global Center of Vallejo: Dedicated to Academic Excellence and Social Justice.

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