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Mobile Harbor Project

Sea to Shining Sea


Bigger, Better, Faster

Mega Ships and Mega loads

Business is brisk in the shipping lanes of the world, but loading and unloading has become a major impediment to commerce.  U.S. ports are expected to spend $46 billion in port improvements by 2017.  But ships are big and getting bigger.

The port of Savannah is undergoing deep dredging and correction to handle the east coast sea traffic.  Savannah is one, but there are many others.  Like our gridlocked highways, cargo backups lead to huge operating losses and lost business.

Floating the World

But here is a promising solution.  Mobile Harbors.  The Andrew J. Young Foundation is supporting the research of the Mobile Harbor alternative and engaging other countries around the world. A novel maritime container transport system, it that can approach a large containership in the deep water or can be anchored in the sea), dock to it and load (or unload) containers with high handling speed under wavy open sea condition.

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