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International University of Grand-Bassam in Côte d’Ivoire provides internationally recognized, American-style, English-language higher-education in fields critical to West African development. Created less than a decade ago by presidential charter, International University of Grand-Bassam initially partnered with five US universities to provide the final two years of a four-year degree. IUGB has now transitioned to providing a full four-year degree and is preparing to launch graduate programs. The Foundation assists IUGB in these efforts by connecting the University to valued US resources and facilitating the development of appropriate policies.

International University of Grand-Bassam contributes to sustainable development in West Africa by providing students access to a world-class education and diminishing the impact of the “drain brain.” The Foundation has facilitated public and private support for the school from the government of the Ivory Coast, the private sector, and the international donor community.

The Foundation has also fostered a partnership between International University of Grand-Bassam and Georgia State University that allows students to receive an internationally recognized degree and access to recruiting. The Foundation is assisting International University of Grand-Bassam in its search for additional funding for scholarship aid for young women in STEM, as well as for the design and construction of new STEM building and labs.

Website: http://iugb.org/

Contact Email: info@iugb.edu.ci


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