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South Africa Business Essence Tour 2017

Ambassador Young visits HATponics, an aquaponics farm in Rossville, Georgia

Ambassador Andrew Young talks with students from Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy during his tour of local business HATponics, which works with students on sustainable projects around the globe. For more information on our visit, take a look at the full story featured  in Chatter Magazine.

Chatter: The School of “Hat” Knocks

Aquaponics is known as a “closed loop system,” meaning everything is recycled — even waste. Fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants’ roots purify the water to return to the fish. Aquaponics uses 90 percent less water than traditional soil farms and a fraction of the electricity. In fact, several HATponics systems are powered by sun and wind. When using aquaponics, you can produce as much food on 1/3 of an acre than you can on 10 acres with traditional farming, according to the Andrew J. Young Foundation.

A student-created and -built wind turbine helps pump water through fish tanks, circulating fish waste to the plants in deep-water grow beds (pictured at above).

For more information on HATponics and the amazing work they do, please visit:


Nigerian Convention 2017

Ambassador Young at the Nigerian Convention 2017

Foundation Programs and Visions 2017



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